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Gamer and content creator who is best known for his Tiko YouTube channel, where he posts Fortnite gaming content and animated music videos utilizing his anthropomorphic fish avatar and a voice changing feature. His videos have earned him over 6 million subscribers on the platform. Buy Tiko Merch Here!

Tiko Merch

About Tiko Merch

Welcome to Our merchandise official Store.  Animated music videos and gaming material for Fortnite are posted on the gamer and content producer Tiko’s Tiko YouTube channel, where he also uses his anthropomorphic fish avatar and voice-changing feature. On the platform, he already has more than 6 million subscribers thanks to his videos.His “Fishy On Me” music video is one of his most watched YouTube videos, with over 80 million views. He was recognized by YouTube in 2020 as one of the platform’s top gaming creators. Additionally, he has over 180,000 followers on his well-liked Instagram account, Jayden.tiko.

Now, my team and I have designed a collection of themed clothing and accessories that includes items that reflect various life ideologies. We’re trying to launch a line of innovative products that convey our views in amusing and fascinating ways since creativity, bravery, and imagination run in our veins.

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Tiko Merch

Tiko Merch

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